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Android 8+
2.2 GB

Description of CODM KR Mod

Daily thousands of people search on Google related to Call of Duty Global Mobile gameplay. However, CODM KR Mod is another Extreme APK for all lovers to get the latest skins, characters, and custom items in the wars. As you know, rookies can’t defeat their rivals in the battles, but you can beat everyone in the combats using this application.

Generally, users buy premium assets from the game by paying tons of dollars. On the other hand, many players don’t have money to get all the hot paid features. Indeed, that’s the reason why newbies leave their gaming careers. But, from today you don’t need to worry about any problems because our tool will change your powers to a higher level.

Besides, the CODM Kr Mod Menu supports you to run faster in the combats. When you try to find opponents on the island, tracking enemies in the fighting becomes difficult. This application offers a mini-map that will show you big data related to your foes searching for you in the game.

On the other hand, it has a user-friendly interface with simple options. You can understand the menus because the developer added simple words. If you face any issue or problem, you don’t need to worry because we provide the updated feature on our website.

Therefore, download the CODM Kr Modz APK for your Android or iOS device. So, it will make your game easy to play, and you can help your teammates increase their rank in the game. Indeed, this application supports you from the areas, your gaming experience will change.

CODM KR Mod Overview:

It is a Call of Duty Menu APK that supports newcomers to win the wars of the game. However, Only you can win battles with masterful players effortlessly. Indeed, using this app you can show better gaming results by downing others in the fights because it consists of many extra traits in the app 2023.

Along with, the Extreme segment you don’t need to reload your Evo, and your Aim will be fixed in the game. Now, fire toward antagonists and dethrone them at high speed. Indeed, the last survival will be considered as a winner then you need to cool down all the players to become the King gamer of the competition.

Anyway, the CODM Kr Mod Menu is completely anti-ban and safe. This means your account will be secure from getting banned. However, you can get all the latest and updated components from our platform without paying zero. , visit and get the injector to appreciate your game.

Features of CODM KR Mod:

Extreme Global Menu:

  • Anti Ban.
  • Bypass Logo.
  • ESP Line.
  • Player Box.
  • Full Health.
  • Show Name.
  • Aim Fov.
  • Settings.
  • Season Pass.
  • Unlimited CP.
  • Aimbot.
  • Fly Mod.

Xenon Korea Menu:

  • No Ban.
  • Infinite.
  • Box Check.
  • Supplies Locations.
  • Enemy Finder.
  • Freeze.
  • Custom Characters.
  • Maps Open.
  • Wall Cross.
  • 2D Radar.
  • Trigger Bot.
  • Colors Change.
  • Customization Enable.
  • Spycam.
  • Teleport.


The Extreme CODM Kr Mod will increase your ping in the battles. However, you can dominate adversaries very quickly compared to other game players. Although users think this injector is not anti-ban according to the creator it is safe and secure. So, you can use it on your main ID or account. But, we will not suggest you this idea. Also, try IMGUI Korea CODM Mod to get further qualities for your gaming career.