DX Pawan YT 360 Head VIP Aimbot PUBG Lite

DX Pawan YT

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Android 8+
189 MB

Description of DX Pawan YT

Every player wants to increase their rank in the PUBG Lite battleground gameplay. However, newcomers can’t afford the high pass expenditures in PUBG Mobile. But, we are nourishing DX Pawan YT APK, which will give 360 Head VIP Aimbot in the PUBG Lite game. It is a very mighty application from their YouTube channel.

However, beginners can use the application to improve their gaming to massacre all the 100 players in the battles. We all know that conquering pro enemies in the fights is very challenging. Because their rank and levels are significantly elevated to us. Indeed, we don’t have all dividend skins and characters to play excellently from them.

Therefore, you can download DX Pawan YT 360 Head VIP Aimbot PUBG Lite APK to supplement your chances of becoming the winner of the chicken dinner. If you don’t know about injectors, then don’t stress. This article will give you all the information for more useful wisdom on gaming techniques.

Now, all users don’t need to buy yielded assets from the game. Indeed, we deliver all the Emotes, Packs, UC, and Gold coins for complimentary. Then why are you buying born components? Please don’t buy them. Try our tool that will assist you in learning the game.

Moreover, when the competition starts, players can use DX Pawan YT 360 Head VIP Aimbot PUBG Lite APK auto-fire characteristics to win hostiles without reloading the Evo in wars. And you can find all the expert players using the ESP Settings. Indeed, your game will become painless and austere to win from experienced gamers.

What is DX Pawan YT 360 Head VIP Aimbot PUBG Lite?

It is another application that newbies use to improve their gaming capabilities to become king in PUBG Mobile fights. However, it is only available on their Telegram Channel and on our website. Users can’t encounter it on the Google Play Store and iOS store. But, you can save the file from APK File HUB for complimentary.

Now, players can adjust their battles in the game using the Paid DX Pawan YT Injector. However, hethe paid APK gives more more powerful components than other tools. However, your gaming ID will be protected and secure permanently. You don’t need to use any VPN for additional security because the app has all the significant and essential shields that protect your account from being banned.

Now, if you decide to use DX Pawan YT 360 Head VIP Aimbot PUBG Lite,, you will terminate all your yearnings in jiffies. Indeed, you can customize your backgrounds and kinds of music and add custom skins to the game. Then, you will become a proficient gamer in an irregular week.

Features of DX Pawan YT 360 Head VIP Aimbot PUBG Lite?

DX Pawan Tip Menu:

  • Head Aimbot.
  • Flash Speed.
  • Aimbot 360.
  • Auto Headshots 100%.
  • Magic Bullet Max.
  • High Damage Max.
  • Fast Movement Max.
  • Small Cross Hair.
  • Bix X Hit Effect.
  • Instant Hit Real.
  • Prone Speed 10x.
  • Crouch Speed 10x.
  • Knock Speed 10x.
  • Vehicle Speed 10x.
  • Flash Speed Fast.
  • Custom Dust Color.
  • Custom Sky Color.
  • Custom Water Colour.
  • Custom Landscape.
  • All New Colors.

Fire Skills:

  • No Recoil.
  • No Shake.
  • No Grass.
  • No Bush.
  • No Water.
  • No Smoke.
  • No Effect Stun.
  • Safe Main Account.
  • 50+ Paid Features.

How to Download DX Pawan YT PUBG Lite & Install APK?

  1. Tap the download button, then select the general version.
  2. And wait for a few bits, then you will see a box on your screen.
  3. Allow the app to save on your phone.
  4. Then downloading will start in a few seconds.
  5. However, users can also check the progress from the device notification center.
  6. When the application DX Pawan YT 360 Head VIP Aimbot PUBG Lite is saved on your phone.
  7. Open your file manager and search the APK file.
  8. Select it to install on your phone.
  9. Permit all the required permissions and installation will start within seconds.
  10. Enjoy its Choice Items for free.

Using ZArchiver DX Pawan YT APK Password Unlock:

The app is password-protected; you need to use the code below to unlock the app. Then follow the below steps to run the application on your phone correctly.

  • Open ZArchiver and select the download folder.
  • Then, find the application name.
  • You will APK with (.ZP) extension.
  • Select it and a new interface will open asking for a password.
  • Enter the code from above.
  • Your file will unlock and then install it.

Alternative App:

M1NX Pro Panel APK is superb application to upgrade your game account without paying one dollar to anybody in this wolrd.


The VIP DX Pawan YT APK provides 360 Head VIP Aimbot PUBG Lite and 50+ more gratuity features. However, it is a paid injector that is provided for newbies for free. It has all the powerful features that secure your gaming account. So, you don’t need to get any tension because the tool is safe. Indeed, users can also try the HND Berry Injector for more key features and try Areej Zenko Injector to get the best experience.