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Description of Mr XR BGMI MOD

Many online games, including Battlegrounds Mobile India, one of the most famous action battleground gameplay. However, it has many features that our young internet users love. We are presenting Mr. XR BGMI MOD APK, a vital injector for gamers to unlock all Skins, Characters, and Passes for free. 

Your battles will become super easy whenever you inject some menus from the tool. It means you can easily control all the fighting within one click. However, the app will be beneficial if you search for Auto Chicken Dinner or Long Enjoy and many more extra features. 

However, it will take your gaming capabilities to the next level. Indeed, users can freely download the XR BGMI MOD APK from our platform. You don’t need to root your phone. It can be used on both rooted and nonrooted devices. Users need to install the application on their phone, and then they can Completely change the battle of Battlegrounds Mobile India. 

Furthermore, gaming is not as easy as players think. However, you need good playing skills and capabilities to defeat your enemies in the fights. If you can’t win the wars, your rank will be down. All gamers must upgrade their ranks by using Mr. XR BGMI MOD for free. 

What is Mr XR BGMI MOD?

It is a tool designed for Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI) players to achieve all the gratuity items without paying UC or money. It is unavailable in all stores, such as Google Play and iOS. Because of some reason, the developer has not published the tool on other platforms. Indeed, you can download the file from our website within seconds. 

As you know, Passes helps newbies collect items such as Rank Up, Evos, Pets, and other unique features that allow you to play better gaming. Indeed, you can learn tips and tricks using Mr XR BGMI MOD APK for enjoyment. Don’t worry about app security because it consists of an anti-ban system that secures your account from being banned.

Now, just download the tool and fix all your 49 players quickly. You can use a location tracer to find the exact places of enemies within the battles. It will be super helpful to upgrade your gaming account using the application. 

Features of Mr XR BGMI MOD? 

BGMI Unlock Skin Menu:

  • Bloody Suits.
  • Desert Ranger Set.
  • Stealth Brigade Outfit.
  • Showstopper Black.
  • Tactical Mask.
  • Dawn Champion.
  • Brown Camouflage.
  • Aquatic Raider.

Characters Menu:

  • Andy Cooking Time.
  • Victor Extra.
  • Moco Eye.
  • Nikita Expert.
  • Kla Reduce Damage.
  • Maxim Recover Drinks.
  • Sara Enhancer.

Skills List:

  • Long Distance Winer.
  • Footprints Live Viewer.
  • Reducer Reload Timer.
  • New Bush Tuner.
  • Fire Rate Increaser.
  • Vehicles Damage.
  • Unlimited Health.
  • Quick Recover.
  • Energy Into Health.
  • Deadly Velocity.

How to Download Mr XR BGMI MOD & Install APK? 

  1. Click the download button, then select the available version to save on your phone.
  2. Then, you will see a simple box on your phone.
  3. After that, Allow Unknow Srouces to keep on file. If you don’t allow then file saving will not start.
  4. However, when you allow the permission, you can quickly check the downloading progress from the phone notification center.
  5. When the APK is saved on your device.
  6. Open your file manager and search the app from the search bar.
  7. Then select the Mr. XR BGMI MOD APK to install on your phone.
  8. Permit all the required permissions, and installation will start within seconds. Enjoy the extra features of the application.


The VIP Mr. XR BGMI MOD Battlegrounds Mobile India is an exciting tool that will solve all newbie player issues and problems. Indeed, it will provide you with all the bonus Skins, Emotes, Characters & other items for free. Although, it also allows you to utilize your gaming experience. Beginner players can learn gaming tips and tricks to become OP players in a very short period. You can also use X Regedit Macro Panel , which offers more options to win battles.