PUBG New State Injector

PUBG New State Injector

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Android 8+
12.95 MB

Description of PUBG New State Injector

In this gaming world, many battleground games, such as PUBG Mobile. Today, we share the New State Injector with APK +OBB for both Android & iOS users. This tool allows newbie players to utilize their gaming capabilities in higher positions. It will enable users to win the Chicken Diner of battles.

In addition, it is challenging to defeat enemies in the fights because every old player knows tricks. On the other hand, rookies don’t have any gaming background, and that’s the reason they lose the battles. However, our application ESP parts will help you to find your opponent’s locations in the combats in seconds.

Besides, the PUBB New State Injector offers no recoil plus high ping extra elements in the app. As you know, many tools are available on the market but are not free. But this application is entirely free for all lovers of games. It will show how to win battles with professional players easily.

Although people don’t believe in these apps, a few players use them for gaming improvements. Indeed, Grand Master players have used this application’s features and increased their status in the PUBG New Leaderboard. You can learn related to technics to use maps and vehicles.

Now, download the PUBG New State Injector APK for your Android or iOS device. The developer has created this app for gamers to learn tips and tricks to join Esports of gameplay. However, you can also make money by increasing your popularity and showing gaming on social media platforms such as YouTube.

PUBG New State Injector Overview:

It is a game APK with a (+OBB) File that users can use to unlock skins, characters, vehicles, and many more items. Indeed, all these assets are beneficial to down adversaries in combats smoothly. However, you can perfectly do all the tricks and tips in the battles without worrying about technical issues or bugs.

Subsequently, you can collect Coins and (Unlimited UC) in the missions. You can customize your characters and show them unique using these digital game currencies. Plus, it will be suitable for your rankings factor in the battles. All players wish to make their hero good, locking to cool down foes in the game.

Therefore, the PUBG New Sate Injector is the best option for your beginning gaming career. There are a lot of telegram channels where you can find more UC Generator tools and other aimbot applications. Indeed, all these apps are entirely free for rookie players. Try the OBB File to increase the speed of doing others in the battles.

Features of PUBG New State Injector:

Aimbot Config Menu:

  • Modern Skills.
  • High Jumps.
  • Long Distance.
  • Extra Medkits.
  • Running Water.
  • Unlimited Health.
  • Fast Cover.
  • HD Graphics.
  • Aimbot 87%.
  • Bag Space.
  • Hit Enemy.
  • 100% Win.

Anti-Ban Menu:

  • No Ban.
  • Running 2x.
  • Double Coins.
  • No Zone.
  • Emotes 55+.
  • No Damages.
  • Enemies Location.
  • ESP Settings.
  • Chicken Diner.
  • Skins 155+.
  • All Characters Open.
  • Pets 24+.
  • Passes FREE.

Unlimited UC Menu:

  • UC Generator.
  • 7 Time Glitch.
  • Redeem Codes.
  • FREE Crates.
  • Top Ups.
  • Easy Recharge.
  • Store Items Open.
  • Limited Giveaways.


The VIP PUBG New State Injector is a powerful tool that will utilize your gaming skills and capabilities. However, you can enjoy the application’s Config, OBB File & UC Generator characteristics for free. Indeed, this application is made for newbie players to learn gaming tricks and tips to increase their rankings in the game’s leaderboard. Also, try the CODM Aimbot Injector to get the character, quickly growing ranking in the battles. Also try these CODM Aimbot Injector and get best experience.