Rifle Official Mods

Rifle Official Mods

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Android 5+

Description of Rifle Official Mods

PUBG Mobile players search for injectors a lot on Google search and other search engines. However, they can’t find the right ESP Extra Sensory Precipitation tool for their gaming. Indeed, we are presenting Rifle Official Mods APK the new PUBGM Injector that will give you extra features for free. If you don’t know about it then you are at the right place to learn more about this topic.

There are many applications available on Google Play and other Third party websites. But, all of them are not working correctly as we think. But, our APK is one of the most powerful and unique Mod Menus which is designed for PUBG Mobile gamers. It will help you to destroy all your enemies in battle without doing hard work. 

Now, why are you wasting time reading this article? Just download Rifle Official Mods that will boost your gaming capabilities. Indeed, you will comprehend headshot Pros Players in the Garena Community. Although, the app is simple and easy to use for injecting menus directly into your game. 

Moreover, players are required to give Permission to the app then it will work 100% correctly. Otherwise, it will make issues and problems. If you get any issues or tough problems then leave comments we will do our best to help you out with your issue related to the PUBG Mobile game. 

Further, gamers can use features of Rifle Official Mods to get extra sensitivity in the game. As you know, all players get normal sensitivity but while using our tool you can get extra as analogized to others. Indeed, when you get all these features then it will be super easy to destroy all 49 players in the battles of Garena PUBG Mobile. 

What is Rifle Official Mods?

It is an Injector that is specially designed for PUBGM lovers to complete their wishes. However, it allows you to unlock tip items such as Skins, Packs Update & Characters Powers, and many more for free. The application is not available on other stores such as Google Play and iOs stores because of some reasons. 

Moreover, you don’t need to worry about anything because we are providing a real working app on our site. That all users can download it for free. And we will not charge any money from any of you. Because the Rifle Official Mods APK is gratis for everyone to download on their device. 

As you know, rank is a very important factor in the PUBG Mobile battles. If you have a higher rank such as Grand Master kr Heroic then you can defeat pro players in the battles easily. You don’t need to find their exact locations. The tool Super Map will show you all the engine’s location and movements. Indeed, you can easily win them by knowing this information.

Have you decided to download Rifle Official Mods APK on your phone? If yes then that will be good for your gaming career. Because using this PUBG Mobile’s latest injector all users can unlock bonus features for free. And they can also increase their rank and their levels with one single click. Indeed, you will be happy using our application. 

FREE Features of Rifle Official Mods? 

ESP Menus:

  • ESP Line.
  • ESP Box.
  • ESP Name.
  • ESP Distance.
  • ESP Items.
  • ESP All Vehicles.

Tip Features:

  • 360 Degree Aimbot.
  • Bullet Track.
  • Only Headshots.
  • Main ID Safe 100%.
  • Working Fully.
  • No Termination Safe For 10 Years.

PUBGM Skins List:

  • Vikendi Hearts.
  • Sanhok Love.
  • Erangel Brave.
  • Miramar Ready.
  • Livik Thrill.
  • Camp Jackal Fight.
  • Karakin Agile.

How to Download Rifle Official Mods PUBG Mobile & Install APK?

  1. Click the download button then select the available version for file saving.
  2. After that, you will see a dialog box and tap allow the app to download on your phone.
  3. When you permit the permission then file saving will start automatically in a few bits. 
  4. Users can also check the progress from the phone notification center easily.
  5. However, when the application is saved on your phone.
  6. Open your file manager where all the data is located and saved.
  7. Then search PUBGM Rifle Official Mods APK and select it for installation.
  8. When you select it then permit all the required permissions to install the app on your phone in one click.
  9. When you give permission the installation will start and you can enjoy extra features for free.


The VIP Rifle Official Mods APK is an extremely powerful application for all newbie players. Whenever you use the tool then your gaming experience will change in a very short time. Indeed, gamers can also use ML Rank Booster to unlock Skins, Characters, and other assets without paying diamonds or coins to the game. However, you can become an OP Level gamer if you watch videos on YouTube related to the Mod Menus of PUBG Mobile.